How to Solve MLM Business Issues by THINKING!

Why do I assume you have issues when you have been given a blueprint to follow? Because we all end up in the same place sooner or later. You started out all “gung ho’ about you’re on-line MLM business, you even hired yourself a coach and now? Writers call it writer’s block. What do MLMers call it? “Over-thinking?” “Or not thinking at all?” What single habit separates winners from losers not just in life but in the MLM business?

If you were on an escalator that stopped suddenly would you: 1. Call for help? 2. Walk up the stairs? No this isn’t a “blond joke” (I’m blond). You could say the situation takes “common sense” but, it requires thinking! It is humorous though and everyone seems to “get” it. But if your business is suffering because you aren’t really thinking, it definitely isn’t funny! I know, you don’t think this applies to you. Hang in there and make that decision in a moment.

It turns out the most challenging obstacle to online MLM business success is thinking! Or the lack thereof. Winners think, actually spend time thinking! If you spend any time thinking about your customers or down-line’s issues and the issues of your prospects, and the ways you can solve these issues, the more answers you come up with will help you gain “status” over your competitors.

How does that help you or your MLM business? Most internet marketers believe it is best to absorb as much knowledge as they can, and “think” this information gathering is superior to focused planning. So they spend way too much time learning, instead of thinking strategically! I’d imagine you believe it is important to grow your business by learning as much as you can about internet MLM business marketing. Yes, that’s important. In the end. But chances are you will learn a lot of things you won’t find useful or even necessary for growing your MLM business right now without concentrated thinking first.

Learning for the possibility of needing the information isn’t nearly as important as learning what you need to know now. Make sense? Time to decide if this sounds like you. So, what will happen if you really think about your MLM business? You say you ‘think about it’ all the time? But are you making a concentrated effort to solve issues?

I have something for you to try: spend at least ¼ hour thinking about all the stumbling blocks standing in the way of you reaching your MLM business goals. Write them down. Okay, now choose the one issue that would reward you the most by growing your business, if you were able to get rid of it.

Next spend at least ¼ hour thinking about what is causing this block. Ask yourself why you are encountering this issue. Now pretend you are an MLMer and go “deep”. Meaning you keep asking why every time you come up with an answer until you get at least five levels closer to the core of the block. Write everything down.

So far you have about ½ hour invested. You can probably already see a way (or two) that you can improve your business. Okay, for the next ¼ hour “think up” as many ways as you can to resolve the nucleus of the problems. Write them down. Let this “happen” and see how many solutions you can come up with… Avoid “over thinking” this part, allowing doubts to seep in. Just let your intuition flow.

And finally, your last ¼ hour should be spent thinking of all the steps you could take to make this happen. Again, write them down! Now guess what? You need to do something! The ideal achievement is: get results for your MLM business as swiftly as possible. When you see your results, and they are phenomenal you may just have something that brings you residual income.

Next, teach others so they get action results, too. Remember if you operate your MLM business with a “giving” attitude, you’ll attract even more success! Put this exercise into practice in your MLM business today and then let me know how it worked for you. Some things to remember:

~ most of us just think we think… Problem is, we continually think the same thoughts… What re-runs are you playing today? Make sure you have an outline (as stated above) for your focused MLM business thinking exercises.

~ the most focused creative idea producing thinking is only ½ your issue… Until you do something… Nothing changes in life or your MLM business.

~ if you are only learning for the sake of learning… It doesn’t matter how much you know… It’s what you do with what you know in your MLM business (in life too, for that matter)!

~ avoid being motivated by f.U.D. (Fear – uncertainty – doubt). It doesn’t do your MLM business any good, nor you either!

~there are more ways than one to create success in your MLM business and ultimately your life! Take a lesson from cliff young… A farmer that didn’t worry about knowing “stuff” http://www.Elitefeet.Com/the-legend-of-cliff-young. Can you apply this lesson to your MLM business? Of course you can!

Why Understanding Accounting Will Help You When You Are Applying For A Business Loan

What is Accounting About?

The first thing to know is that there are three financial reports that you need to get your head around: The Income Statement, The Balance Sheet and The Cash Flow Statement.

Income Statement or How To Become Profitable?

Your income is reflecting how your business is performing. In very simple words: Income Statement equals Performance. Once you understand this concept, you will be able to know what is going on in your company, and then decide what minor or major changes you can make to improve your bottom line. For example you will be able to find out whether you have the right mix of staff, or if there are product lines that, which are not profitable. Additionally, you will be able to assess if you have the right pricing, or if your overheads can be improved or it is already in line with industry standards. You can also find out if there is a black hole damaging your profits. Then, there is the control issue. Who is controlling your business? Do you have the right controls in place? When you understand and grasp what is going on with the finances of the business, you will easily see if there is some area in your business where you need to focus on. Have you thought that may be someone can be stealing from you, even at an insignificant level? This happens more often than you think and unfortunately the business owner is not even aware of it.

When it comes to forecasting the profitability of your business, it means taking a step forward in the future and foresee what it is capable of. And this is the reason why when you understand what accounting is about, you will be more at ease with your business finances whether it is to understand balance sheet or income statement or when you are applying for a business loan.

Understand Balance Sheet or How You Run Your Business

Whilst the income statement tells you about your profitability and helps you to determine your strategy, the Balance Sheet Shows how what are the assets you are using to operate your business and also how you finance it.

Being able to understand balance sheet is the key that opens the doors for getting sources of finances for small business or large business, no matter how big your business is.

The balance sheet is split in two sides: assets and liabilities. Whilst the assets are a reflection of what you own in your business, the liability side tells what you owe, meaning how you finance or fund your business. Whenever you are applying for a business loan, there are two things you want to show: 1. You have a smooth operating system which will be shown in how much you invested in your assets and how you manage them 2. You have a strong funding profile which means in very simple terms, you have used a large amount of capital to finance it and that your level of debt is not very high and if you do have a large amount of debt, it is structured in such a way that you can easily pay your debt back.

Cash Flow Statement or the Art of Forecasting.

And this is where understanding cash flow statement becomes handy. Why? Well this is this financial report which will tell the story about your capacity to pay back your debt. As after all expenses incurred, you can look how much cash you have left and see if there is enough to either pay back your debt. This is what any lender will do to decide if you can additional funding or not. You can also you use it to find out if you cash inflows are strong enough or if there are any changes you need to make in your business to increase it as you don’t necessary need a loan to get more cash. As you will easily find out once you understand accounting, you can extra funding just by focusing on specific areas of your business and without taking additional funding!

Well, you just had an introduction to business finance and I believe you would agree with me that once you understand what accounting is about, knowing how to manage your business becomes clearer. The solution for your as a business owner is to become educated and get training. Don’t wait and go and get ready to explode your business NOW!

How Small Businesses Can Increase Efficiency: Full-Featured Office Phone Systems And More

Every business continues to search for new ways to save money as expenses increase regularly. There are several ways to cut cost in an office or workplace. Small business phone solutions that utilize internet lines allow businesses to hold on to more cash by charging less for office phone systems while providing features that increase efficiency in the workplace. Other ways to make a business more efficient include going paperless, outsourcing your customer service department to an offshore provider, and buying supplies in bulk.

Small Business Phone Solutions That Give More But Cost Less

Because certain office phone systems function through internet lines, they cost much less than services that use conventional land lines. One low cost covers all calls, whether local or long distance, and no additional hardware or extra phone lines are required. Even international calling, video conferencing, and employee telecommuting are included by most providers. Savings add up each month with non-traditional systems. The communications budget can easily be maintained, since individual charges don’t accumulate for each option.

Office phone systems that utilize internet lines typically come with many features that traditional lines aren’t able to provide. Auto attendant is one of the main benefits of these types of services. With this attribute, a company maintains a professional appearance without paying employees to constantly answer telephones. Auto attendant answers calls for a workplace and then transfers the caller to the desired person. It can also forward calls to managers or other staff members who are not at that location. Voicemail transcription is another feature that conserves funds and time by receiving messages and sending them to the person’s email as transcribed words, and also attaching an audio file of the message. This prevents employees from having to waste hours listening to voicemails and trying to jot down important contact information correctly.

Paperless Business Increases Efficiency

Along with small business phone solutions that operate through internet lines, going paperless can greatly increase efficiency and save money. The benefits of going paperless are many. Ensuring all files and documents are stored virtually enables access from any location at any time. Going paperless cuts costs drastically on office stationary as well. If a particular company uses a lot of paper, a bank account can quickly deplete just from purchasing these necessities. In addition, processing and filing all of the actual paperwork, like invoices, delivery notes, orders, and payment slips, can take up the majority of employees’ days. Although doing away with paper all together might seem impossible, it is not. Going paperless can be achieved with laptop computers, notebooks, mobile devices, and virtual storage centers, and because so many industries are plugged into the internet. Initial investment might be needed, such as scanners, but in the end, these costs will be quickly recovered by choosing to go paperless.

An additional benefit of going paperless is the ability to pass on the reduced expenses to clients and advertise this fact to them. This enables a chief executive officer to ensure customers that they won’t receive trickled down expensive prices as a result of the company paying for costly items.

Customer Service: U.S. Based vs. Outsourcing Overseas

There is a notion that companies can cut costs by outsourcing their customer service calls to oversea call centers rather than capitalizing on the services of an U.S. based call center. What organizations realize more often than not is that any supposed cost savings are outweighed by the unfortunate quality of their customer service levels.

The customer’s experience with this department can many times set the overall perception of an entire organization. Failure at this level can overshadow the entire business and is not easy to overcome. In addition, the amount of bandwidth that management has to incur to monitor an overseas department is generally not even considered in ROI calculations, but is a very real and expensive operating cost.